Best Practices for Property Rental Owners

by Chrizel Luminario
Renting out properties might seem very straightforward but you need to cover the basics well especially if you are just starting out in the business or you have plans expanding

Good Or Bad Debt?

by Kelvin Davis
Old school financial advice will tell people you must do everything to steer clear from debts, all kind of debts. While the intention is good, it can also be a

Have Business, No Freedom?

by Kelvin Davis
This is rather a common situation for many entrepreneurs today. They successfully got out of employment, they have built a solid business plan and executed it, they are partially successful

5 Ways Not To Get Rich

by Kelvin Davis
Even the most successful business executives can fail in managing their personal finance. Not doing well on this area is not surprising. Financial literacy is not taught in schools. Robert

Business Success And Self-Motivation

by Kelvin Davis
All motivation is self-motivation. You can listen to the best motivational speaker in the world every day, you can hire the best business coach in town, or you can buy

Business Owner and Employed?

by Kelvin Davis
Many aspiring entrepreneurs quit their jobs when they start running their business. But even if you are on your way to your millions, there is still a need to put

The Real Score of Financial Freedom

by Kelvin Davis
Financial freedom can be defined in so many ways. With many experts jumping into the money freedom bandwagon, it is easy to confuse the many ideas about it with other

All The Income, None of The Work?

by Kelvin Davis
Owning a business is one of the best ways to move away from employment and exit the rat race. The clincher? You need to set up your business to run