Sharing the Cashflow Game Lessons

by Kelvin Davis
During our visit in the Philippines, I spent 7 hours teaching and sharing lessons about business and financial freedom to the Greymouse team leaders and marketing team. During the training,

I Hate My Business!

by Kelvin Davis
This is one of the most common burn-out statements by people engaged in a business. Truly, entrepreneurship is not for everybody. That being said, it is easy to throw in

Working Hard But Not Getting Anywhere?

by Kelvin Davis
Do you feel like you are working hard but getting nowhere? Are you slogging away each day at your job or business, but realise that there is little headway, money

The Journey Is Hard

by Kelvin Davis
Entrepreneurship. If you are expecting me to give you a quick tip or want me to share an easy path to entrepreneurship and wealth, you should stop reading now. The

13 Year-Old Entrepreneur

by Kelvin Davis
In the Business Freedom Lifestyle training course in Fiji, I shared the story of my 13 year old nephew who saved his pocket money at the age of 9 and

If You Lose It All Kelvin, What Will You Do?

by Kelvin Davis
How would I start all over again? Is a very, very good question. Before I answer, does this happen? Yes, all too frequently. Unfortunate events including separation, divorce, family arguments,

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