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Suva, Fiji

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Kelvin and Marisa host these tours, share their experiences and have trusted locals to accompany you. This way we ensure your safety and enjoyment while we visit our team members and create the cutting edge technologies and services. We will be staying for 10 days in the Philippines, however you can return when it suits.

  • Departure Date : 25th October 2014
  • Airline : Virgin Australia
  • Accommodation : Holiday Inn
  • Return Date : 30th October 2014
  • Holiday option : Option of resort holiday

Tour Package $ 933 AUD Ex GST

Note: Book your flights and accommodation using these Airlines & Motels

  1. Day 1 – International flights, and bus ride to our accommodation.
  2. Day 2 – Tour the facilities, learn what is being done for other business.
  3. Day 3 – Team supervisors demonstrate, how it works you.
  4. Day 4 – Mastermind, brainstorming the opportunities in your business.
  5. Day 5 – Cultural experiences, Bus trip and flight back to Brisbane.

We often hear phrases like, “information overload”, or “it is like we are drinking from a fire-hose”, this is “akin to Alice visiting wonderland, where we are Alice”. These are the words we hear as you absorbe the global workforce changes that are already in Businesses. Viewing it with your own eyes, seeing it happen will shock your belief on what is possible.

During the mastermind day, your reality shifts, and we explore what can be done in your business to achieve freedom and cashflow. The phrase, “we had no idea”, or ‘I did not believe this was possible” are often both heard.
freedom business workshop
Please do not let your business be left behind, explore and create your competitive advantage on this trip.

We connect you to our global workforce resources that will help you through your journey.

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